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Oakland Loft

Anton has been giving concerts in his Oakland loft since 2003. The building was originally a school – the Clawson School, built in 1917.

Don’t bother with the building’s main entrance; the door you want is outside fifty feet to the left, with a metal number 2 on it.

The location is just off the Bay Bridge and near all the East Bay highways.
Click the address, above, for map/directions.

Feel free to use any of the spaces in the lot in front of the building, or on the street. Please use common sense and leave no items visible in your car. Theft has never been an issue at a concert, and we hope to keep it that way.

A serious concert with a party vibe. The band plays two sets of music. Before, between and afterward, there’s time for folks to mingle and enjoy some wine, soft drinks and snacks. For more information, please visit the ABOUT page.

Here are some photos from previous concerts…

In case you're looking for a spot nearby to dine...


(sushi / japanese)

1147 40th St., Emeryville. (510) 923-0311
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Lanesplitter Pizza & Pub

3645 San Pablo Ave., Emeryville. (510) 594-9400
0.4 miles away. map/directions

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Noodle Theory Provisions

(asian noodle house)

5849 San Pablo Ave., Oakland. (510) 922-8619
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Wally's Cafe

(delicious, inexpensive mediterranean food)

3900 San Pablo Ave., Emeryville. (510) 597-1303
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Dona Tomas

(exquisite mexican food & atmosphere)

5004 Telegraph Ave, Oakland. 510 450-0522
2 miles away. [map/directions]

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La Calaca Loca

(less upscale, delicious & healthy taqueria)

5199 Telegraph Ave, Oakland. 510 601-8226
2 miles away. map/directions

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Le Cheval

(great & affordable vietnamese)

1007 Clay St., Oakland. 510 763-8495
2.2 miles away map/directions

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Rudy's “Can't Fail” Cafe

(popular funky diner)

4081 Hollis St, Emeryville. 510 594-1221
0.4 miles away map/directions

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