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About Loft Concerts

Each loft concert is a serious jazz performance with a party vibe.

Saxophonist and host Anton Schwartz is joined by different musicians each time. A terrific array of players from around the nation have performed in these concerts. To name a few: Julian Priester, Ed Cherry, Russell Ferrante, Taylor Eigsti, Bruce Forman, Ken Peplowski, Denise Donatelli, Lorraine Feather, Jackie Ryan, Art Lande, Mark Levine, Marcus Shelby, Inga Swearingen, Wil Blades, Randy Porter, Kenny Washington, Dan Balmer, Rebecca Kilgore, Ed Reed, Josh Nelson, Akira Tana, Essiet Essiet, Jeff Johnson, John Stowell, Kellye Gray, Joe Gilman.

We perform two sets with time before, between and after for people to snack, drink and socialize.

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions…

Can you email me about future concerts?

Anton always describes upcoming loft concerts (as well as other performances) on his own mailing list, which you are welcome to join.

Where do the concerts take place?

There is a Seattle location and an Oakland location.

Are there assigned seats?

Seats are first come first served.

When should I arrive?

Doors open 30 minutes before the concert.

Should I bring something to eat or drink?

We serve wine and snacks. No need to bring anything… but thank you for asking! Some people have a particular wine they like to drink. Feel free to bring along a bottle, or anything else you like, if it’ll make your evening more enjoyable.

Are you accessible to people with disabilities?

The Oakland space is completely wheelchair accessible. The Seattle space has a small uphill ascent (7 feet vertical rise) to the building followed by four shallow steps; we’re happy to help you up.

I won’t be able to come to the concert. Can I have a refund?

We will try to accommodate your change of plans, but are unable to offer refunds within 48 hours of the concert.

Do I need to bring proof of my reservation?

No need. When you reserve, your name (and number of people) will be on a list at the door.

Can I get a gig at the loft?

Anton only presents projects and collaborations he’s personally involved in. He would love to present others, but it’s just too time intensive.

I have another question—whom can I contact about it?

Drop Anton a line from his contact page.

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